New level in progress

by Niels Brouwers 17. October 2011 03:15

Hopefully you didn't notice that I upgraded this website to a newer version of blogengine, it did happen however and actually it was pretty easy. The only thing that didn't work out of the box was the twitter feed, but I fixed that.

I have started on the third level graphics for Carter Jones, I still need to do the entire level 2 graphics but I am expecting those graphics to be a little easier to draw (level 2 takes place inside ...err... something - it's supposed to be a surprise). Level 3 is a real interesting level to draw, it takes Carter through the jungle to the temple where he will find what he was hired to look for. He will also find a lot more, here's a quick concept sketch I did today which will also satisfy all the halloween enthousiasts out there:


Excuse me sir, where can I find the toilet? Oh, right there huh? Thanks!

Ofcourse, when trying to post this entry I stumbled upon a error... fixed it, but it did catch me by surprise!

The value of good Level Design and the Tools for it

by Niels Brouwers 18. September 2011 03:36

Because I am enjoying myself so much whilst making Carter Jones, I decided to expand the animation tool with a level editor. This will enable me to quickly move around stuff (the background, but also the baddies etc.) in a level. Previously I was doing all that in the game itself, with a built in level-editor (and I was placing baddies through a manually edited xml file). That was not ideal, now it is just an easy to develop windows forms application so if I need some special function (like the roll that you see on the screenshot) then I can build it really easy.

This tool will grow in functionality and will greatly reducde the time to 'design' the levels. Designing levels is probably the hardest part in a game, if you mess up the design then the player will notice immediately and reject the game because it is no fun (it is probably just annoying or boring or somewhere lacking). So by enabling the design process outside of the game I hope to increase the quality and also the quantity of the levels. Level editing was kind of a chore before, now it is actually fun!


Lines and mushrooms

by Niels Brouwers 13. September 2011 07:08

You may have heard me whining about lines and how difficult it is to find the right settings to get the lines that I want. Here's a good example of lines that I like:


I used the default 5px brush in Photoshop with a hardness of 0% (I'm just writing this down for my own reference :-) ) and I did absolutely no scaling. Mushrooms are ofcourse for Mario and the upcoming autumn! I like autumn, it brings great colours and a sense of change. 

This particular mushroom is not too happy, he missed the auditions for the next Mario game ... no wonder!

Get down with the Wookies!

by Niels Brouwers 11. September 2011 23:27

Allright, here is some Wookie-love for you all!


I was waiting on a remote repair download for my family far, far away and that gave me the opportunity to do some nice practicing. I really like how it turned out!

And, let's face it - everyone loves the wookies! There's a couple of movie references in this little drawing, so go ahead, start puzzling..

Evening doodling

by Niels Brouwers 6. September 2011 07:31

I need practice in drawing, lots of it. They say it takes 10.000 hours to become kind of good at something. I'm just making hours here, nothing special but I like drawing on my Cintiq ;-) Also, this must be a record - posting 2 days in a row!


Here, meet Gorgy, he's great at axe wielding and hammering. And he's braindead... If you ever run into him, run away! Fast!

For a quick doodle I am OK with this, I messed up in choosing too high a resolution (and a too small pen-size) so it's nowhere near production quality. Also the hands...darn...I am not changing it though. I learn by doing! I'll try to move this to the archive asap by making new posts really fast!