The ways we work

by Niels Brouwers 11. December 2011 00:00

The way I work is like this: I get an idea, start drawing, make screenshots and when it looks nice and I am starting to wonder how it would look and feel when it is moving/animating, only then I start programming. Also, I tend to switch to coding when I am unable to draw something (lack of inspiration / artists block), I am always able to write some decent code - it's second nature, my first talent or whatever you want to call it.  

Sometimes however, I run into troubles with my code that I did not expect. In that case, learning how others solved these problems, revisiting and rethinking my concepts are the usual approach. Occasionally I post a question on a forum and when I get answer I used to take that serious. Not anymore, I have learned I should carefully weigh the answers given by anyone. I shall be very cautious when a seemingly uber-guru on the subject gives me some advice. These people look at things differently and may well put you on the wrong track. Trust me, been there, done that!

Anyway, here's one of those ideas that turn into a screenshot of some sorts.  I do not know where it is going but I like the looks of this (yeah I know it's just rocks with my previous drawing copied onto it, but you should see this moving...hint.!)!  



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Happy Birthday dog!

by Niels Brouwers 23. November 2011 07:54

I drew this dog for my nephew who turned 7 recently.

I don't know why exactly I drew him a dog but there is a story involving him and dogs:

Once upon a time, in a temple in Hua Hin, he and his brothers were mocking a couple of dogs from up a ledge, the dogs were below them and the boys were unreachable and they were challenging the dogs.  Then I remember my little nephew walking into a cavern, dissappearing around the corner and after a few seconds he came back yelling and screaming. The group of dogs was chasing him out! Luckily they didn't hurt him, but it probably though him a lesson! It would have been a great funniest home vid!



Wappy dog

by Niels Brouwers 9. November 2011 06:33

So, I noticed this trailer for wappy dog from Nintendo. It's like a Sony Aibo connected with your Nintendo DS. Cool idea, mixing reality with the virtual world. Skylanders is another game doing this. I am not sure if these games are really worth playing, but it is just another way of interfacing with your players. And that's cool!

It inspired me to draw this 'Appy Dog' which is a little further in the future from now. I imagined an iphone / android app that you can use to control your pet. Just plug in the two antenna's in your pet and off you go!

On to some Carter Jones progress, I finally fixed a weird nasty bug in the level drawing. Also the level 3 (background) graphics are nearly done, I still need to do a lot of variations and waterfall animations but it's getting there! I am also investigating other platforms as well, it seems that with a little effort (I am an optimist with estimations! ) I can port CJA to other platforms like IPhone and Android. But first it has to become an XBOX Live Indie - I need focus! And time, lots of it!

Last but not least, and something completely different: the Dutch Ice Carving Championship 2011 is coming up. I am participating again, so that will take up some time as well the next couple of weeks. I will keep you updated!

New level in progress

by Niels Brouwers 17. October 2011 03:15

Hopefully you didn't notice that I upgraded this website to a newer version of blogengine, it did happen however and actually it was pretty easy. The only thing that didn't work out of the box was the twitter feed, but I fixed that.

I have started on the third level graphics for Carter Jones, I still need to do the entire level 2 graphics but I am expecting those graphics to be a little easier to draw (level 2 takes place inside ...err... something - it's supposed to be a surprise). Level 3 is a real interesting level to draw, it takes Carter through the jungle to the temple where he will find what he was hired to look for. He will also find a lot more, here's a quick concept sketch I did today which will also satisfy all the halloween enthousiasts out there:


Excuse me sir, where can I find the toilet? Oh, right there huh? Thanks!

Ofcourse, when trying to post this entry I stumbled upon a error... fixed it, but it did catch me by surprise!

Lines and mushrooms

by Niels Brouwers 13. September 2011 07:08

You may have heard me whining about lines and how difficult it is to find the right settings to get the lines that I want. Here's a good example of lines that I like:


I used the default 5px brush in Photoshop with a hardness of 0% (I'm just writing this down for my own reference :-) ) and I did absolutely no scaling. Mushrooms are ofcourse for Mario and the upcoming autumn! I like autumn, it brings great colours and a sense of change. 

This particular mushroom is not too happy, he missed the auditions for the next Mario game ... no wonder!