Over the years, I have made a whole bunch of games, mostly just for hobby and fun. Many more were never finished and some were actually published by a real publisher!

Here are some examples in chronological order:

Wildfire : Commodore 64 side scrolling shooter. 3 levels plus sub-level games - my very first game!



Smash out: a single person pong meets breakout sort of thingy. I liked playing this!


 Championship Run: A commodore c64 Port of an amiga game. Done on contract for Zeppelin Games, they never published it though (and I never finished it because of that).


 Lemmings: for commodore C64, developed by Alter Development (a gamedev studio founded by me and Marc Hermans). At the time I was working on a Lemmings clone (The Troddlers), so I wasn't personally involved in development of this title.


 The PIT: A Gameboy Advance 2d all directional scrolling game. Entered a competition with this.


The Loopers: never finished mobile phone game.