Sculpting sand and ice

Sculpting is a nice hobby, but it gets really cool if you get the chance to make man-high sculptures. Sand and Ice are perfect materials for doing large projects.

Here are some examples of sculptures I did or cooperated in. Also check out this website: as Carve Diem is the team that I am part of. Together we do a couple of big sculptures each year.

This one is from the Dutch Ice Carving Championships in 2009, it is Tinkerbell's head (uhm, yeah, I decapitated Tinkerbell....hehe):


This was a sand sculpture we did in my home-town, Arnhem. I did the genie (I told you I liked big sculptures). We actually won first prize with this.


Here's one of my favourites: Manny from Ice Age. This was one of the first sculptures we ever did.