Animationtool updated, making good progress!

by Niels Brouwers 16. May 2011 06:52

Sometimes you try so hard and really want to do the best you can building this great game in your spare-time, and then....your heater breaks down, your job gets real busy for a moment, examinations round the corner and some visit to a hospital need to happen and suddenly 3 weeks have passed without any noticable progress! I guess that's real-life kickin' in......

Bad luck indeed, but it seems to be behind me now and this weekend I have made some good progress. The level 1 background is completely finished (minus some tweaks here and there) and the animationtool also got improved big time (no, not just a save button). The animationtool will certainly speed up productivity as it now allows me to do all sorts of cool things like rotating, offsetting, fading, scaling etc. without any programming at all. Here's a shot with one of the baddies from the game:

That's a nasty squid indeed...

 By the way, if you think that I am posting at the most bizarre times possible......sorry, it's just the time configuration that's messed up somewhere!


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