You made a sale at!

by Niels Brouwers 5. February 2011 18:56

Today, I got a surprise email from Once, a long long time ago, I set up a Cafepress account and a shop to go with it. I uploaded some of my drawings and linked to it from my old site. And forgot about it after a while....

And now I got an email that Cafepress sold a mug with my cute little giraffe drawing on it. I actually made this drawing for my wife's birthday a couple years back but when setting up the shop I figured I would upload it and advertise it as a nice Valentine's gift idea. I am glad to see someone liked it enough to buy it! Thank you!

Here's to drinking from my mug! 1 sale in like....3 years? I guess I'm not quitting my day job just yet!

There's some more stuff (not much really) in the cafepress shop, check it out and buy your honey a mug (did I mention it was filled with love?)!