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The ways we work

The ways we work

The way I work is like this: I get an idea, start drawing, make screenshots and when it looks nice and I am starting to wonder how it would look and feel when it is moving/animating, only then I start programming. Also, I tend to switch to coding when I am unable to draw something (lack of inspiration / artists block), I am always able to write some decent code – it’s second nature, my first talent or whatever you want to call it.  

Sometimes however, I run into troubles with my code that I did not expect. In that case, learning how others solved these problems, revisiting and rethinking my concepts are the usual approach. Occasionally I post a question on a forum and when I get answer I used to take that serious. Not anymore, I have learned I should carefully weigh the answers given by anyone. I shall be very cautious when a seemingly uber-guru on the subject gives me some advice. These people look at things differently and may well put you on the wrong track. Trust me, been there, done that!

Anyway, here’s one of those ideas that turn into a screenshot of some sorts.  I do not know where it is going but I like the looks of this (yeah I know it’s just rocks with my previous drawing copied onto it, but you should see this moving…hint.!)!  


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