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Halloween, monsters and all that!

Halloween, monsters and all that!

Hey everyone,

 It’s been awfully quiet from me lately but there is a good reason for that. More than one actually! I can’t mention them all just yet, unfortunately!

I have been very busy lately porting over my code from XNA to something completely different, it’s now running in C++. In the process the whole idea of Carter Jones has been turned upside down: the graphics are different, the controls different, the platform is different. It is a totally different game but it will still feature Carter Jones as the main character. This was my plan all along, to have this one character starring in a series of games. I don’t know what the future will bring, but at the moment I can safely say that the Carter Jones Adventures will be available before the end of january 2013 on at least one tablet device.

As soon as I have some screenshots that I can show you I will post them here!

Meanwhile, here’s a monster that I did a very, very long time ago. I still like it but it wasn’t designed to be animated and that makes it pretty useless for any in-game purposes.

I will be updating more frequently over the next period. For now, although maybe a bit early, I wish you a happy halloween from this place!

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