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Twitter feed….

Twitter feed….

You may have noticed that the Twitter feed on the right was broken again….

I came across the Twitter Timeline feature today and decided to embed that instead of pulling the information programmatically through the widget. It’s working now, let’s see how long it takes for this one to break….(yeah I am getting a bit sceptical about it!).

In other news: progress is being made! The Carter Jones is available on the BlackBerry 10 phones out there (Z10 at the moment and the Q10 version is in review as we speak)! The ‘official’ release will feature double the amount of levels (currently there are 30, so there’s a lot more to come for those who have bought it already!) and a bunch more graphics to give the players some more background on who Carter really is and what he does.

So, the ‘official’ release has been delayed, but I am expecting to bring it to the Apple store by the end of March! So, for now, I will get coding / drawing to get the thing finished and ready to go!



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