Loerbeek, Nederland

Evening doodling

Evening doodling

I need practice in drawing, lots of it. They say it takes 10.000 hours to become kind of good at something. I’m just making hours here, nothing special but I like drawing on my Cintiq 😉 Also, this must be a record – posting 2 days in a row!


Here, meet Gorgy, he’s great at axe wielding and hammering. And he’s braindead… If you ever run into him, run away! Fast!

For a quick doodle I am OK with this, I messed up in choosing too high a resolution (and a too small pen-size) so it’s nowhere near production quality. Also the hands…darn…I am not changing it though. I learn by doing! I’ll try to move this to the archive asap by making new posts really fast!


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